The Fusion 2015 Organization is delighted to offer the Jean-Pierre Le Cadre Award for the best paper of the conference, and the Tammy L. Blair Award for the best student paper of the conference. Both awards were presented at the Fusion 2015 Gala Dinner.

Jean-Pierre Le Cadre Award

This award is intended to recognize excellence among researchers and scientists in information fusion, which has been the core motivation behind Jean-Pierre Le Cadre’s career. Award recipients received a signed copy of the book Bayesian Multiple Target Tracking.

2015 Jean Pierre Le Cadre Award Recipient

An Application of Interacting Multiple Model Tracking Method to Financial Modeling and Asset Allocation
Shozo Mori, Kuochu Chang, Hajime Takahashi, Chee-Yee Chong

Runner Ups

1st runner up:

An Efficient Algorithm for Aircraft Conflict Detection and Resolution Using List Viterbi Algorithm
Vesselin P. Jilkov, X. Rong Li, Jeffrey H. Ledet

2nd runner up:

Trust Revision for Conflicting Sources
Audun Jøsang, Magdalena Ivanovska, Tim Muller


Tammy L. Blair Award

This award is intended to encourage the involvement of young researchers and scientists in information fusion. It honors Tammy L. Blair’s commitment to our society. The Fusion 2015 Organization would like to thank CUBRC, Inc., for its generosity in supporting the Tammy L. Blair Award.

The best student paper and two runners up, as judged by the Awards Committee, were awarded cash prizes and travel grants in honor of Tammy L. Blair. Travel grants may be used to cover travel expenses for the student author to attend the Fusion conference. These grants strictly do not cover Fusion conference registration costs. Student authors of student-paper-award papers are required to attend the conference. Award recipients also received a signed copy of the book Bayesian Multiple Target Tracking.

2015 Tammy L. Blair Award Recipient

Improvements in the Implementation of Log-Homotopy Based Particle Flow Filters
Muhammad Altamash Khan, Martin Ulmke

Runner Ups

1st runner up:

Secure and Resilient Distributed Machine Learning Under Adversarial Environments
Rui Zhang, Quanyan Zhu

2nd runner up:

Crowdsourcing with Multi-Dimensional Trust
Xiangyang Liu, He He, John S. Baras

 Tammy L. Blair Awarded is sponsored by:Fusion2015_Sponsor_Award_Cubrc