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MondayJuly 62015
0800-1200Morning TutorialsErik BlaschSubrata DasThia KirubarajanRonald MahlerStone, Streit, BellGalina Rogova
6 concurrent tutorialsOverview of High-Level Information Fusion Theory, Models, and RepresentationsBig Data Fusion and AnalyticsMultisensor-Multitarget Tracker Development and Performance Evaluation for Realistic ScenariosAdvances in Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information FusionBayesian Multiple Target TrackingInformation Quality in Human-Machine Integrated Environment
1300-1700Afternoon TutorialsAudun JøsangEric LittleYaakov Bar-ShalomBa-Tuong VoMahendra MallickFelix Govaers
6 concurrent tutorialsFusion and Belief Reasoning with Subjective LogicApplications of Scalable Semantic Technologies and Ontologies for Enhanced Higher Level FusionMultitarget Tracking and Multisensor Information FusionImplementations of random-finite-set-based multi-target filtersSpace Surveillance and Space Object TrackingAn Introduction to the Distributed Kalman Filter and Track-to-Track Fusion
0830 - 0930Plenary Talk 1Independence BallroomMoshe Kam
0930 - 1000Coffee Break
1000 - 1200Session 18 - 10 concurrent sessions – 5 papers per session
ChairAl HeroPieter De Villiers Lyudmila MihaylovaJames FerryBa-Tuong VoRon MahlerJoseph T. BernardoGarfield Mellema
Session NameSpecial Session: Large Scale Value-Centered Data FusionSpecial Session: ETURWG – Part 1 Special Session: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Complex SystemsSpecial Session: Real-World Problems with Network AbstractionsSpecial Session: Sensor, Resources and Process Management for Information Fusion SystemsRandom sets and processesFusion Enabled Decision SupportSpecial Session: MSTWG – Part 1
Paper 1Efficient Information Planning in Gaussian MRFsDissecting Uncertainty-Based Fusion Techniques for Maritime Anomaly DetectionImprovements in the Implementation of Log-Homotopy Based Particle Flow FiltersA Bayesian Idealization of Entity ResolutionA Multiobjective Optimization Approach for Adaptive Binary Quantizer Design for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor NetworksDistributed Multi-Target Tracking Via Generalized Multi-Bernoulli Random Finite SetsCognitive and Functional Frameworks for Hard/Soft Fusion for the Condition Monitoring of AircraftMulti-Target Tracking for Multistatic Sonobuoy Systems
Paper 2Boosting Crowdsourcing with Expert Labels: Local Vs. Global EffectsA Critical Assessment of Two Methods for Heterogeneous Information FusionLangevin Monte Carlo Filtering for Target TrackingMultiscale Network GenerationImproving ORM Utilizing Implicit Collaboration & Context Sensitive FusionJoint Multi-Bernoulli RFS for Two-target ScenarioDynamic Resource Management and Information Integration for Proactive Decision Support and PlanningSensor Selection From Independence Graphs Using Submodularity
Paper 3OptFuse: Low-rank Factor Estimation by Optimal Data-Driven Linear Fusion of Multiple Signal-Plus-Noise MatricesUncertainty Representation, Quantification and Evaluation for Data and Information FusionA New Nonlinear State Estimator Using the Fusion of Multiple Extended Kalman FiltersUtilizing Covariates in Partially Observed NetworksSparsity Promoting Sensor Management for Estimation: An Energy Balance Point of ViewA Fast Implementation of the Generalized Labeled multi-Bernoulli Filter with Joint Prediction and UpdateA Revised Method for Ranking Generalized Fuzzy NumbersThe GFMT HPMHT Puzzle
Paper 4Distributed Sensing for Quickest Change Detection of Point Radiation SourcesURREF for Veracity Assessment in Query-Based Information Fusion SystemsJoint Antenna and Propagation Model Parameter Estimation Using RSS MeasurementsDetectability Analysis of Detection and Estimation of Structured Action From Cluttered DataDynamic, Distributed Sensor Scheduling and Value of InformationThe Cardinalized Optimal Linear Assignment (COLA) Metric for Robotic Map EvaluationCorrelation Coefficient Based Template Matching: Accounting for Uncertainty in Selecting the WinnerGeneralizations to the Track-Oriented MHT Recursion
Paper 5Adaptive Search for Multi-class Targets with Heterogeneous ImportanceGradual and Binary Conflicts in Bayesian Networks Applied to Sensor Failure DetectionTracking of Wireless Mobile Nodes in the Presence of Unknown Path-loss CharacteristicsHidden Network Reconstruction From Information DiffusionStochastic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Deterministic Scenario GenerationTracking Targets with Pairwise-Markov DynamicsTowards Subjective Networks: Extending Conditional Reasoning in Subjective LogicParameter Estimation for Multistatic Active Sonar Using Extended Fixed Points
1200 - 1300Lunch
1300 - 1500Session 28 - 10 concurrent sessions – 5 Papers per session
ChairRobert LynchMax Kruger Hans DriessenTien PhamX. Rong LiDaniel Clark Geeth de MelJason Aughenbaugh
Session NameApplications of data fusionUncertainty management and reasoningSpecial Session: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Complex SystemsSpecial Session: Real-World Problems with Network AbstractionsSensor and fusion process management including performance evaluationTarget detection and localization; Estimation and filtering; Object trackingSpecial Session: Trust in Fused InformationMSTWG – Part 2
Paper 1Adaptive Filtering of Imprecisely Time-stamped Measurements with Application to AIS NetworksSolving Conflicts in Database Fusion with Bayesian NetworksMonte Carlo Based Distance Dependent Chinese Restaurant Process for Segmentation of 3D LIDAR Data Using Motion and Spatial FeaturesAdvances in Network Sciences Via Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary ResearchThreat-based Sensor Management for Joint Target Tracking and ClassificationTarget Motion Analysis by Inverse TriangulationComTrustO: Composite Trust-based Ontology Framework for Information and Decision FusionBayesian Broadband Passive Sonar Tracking
Paper 2Joint Radar Alignment and Odometry CalibrationA Real Z-box Experiment for Testing Zadeh's ExampleAn Evaluation of Monte Carlo for Nonlinear Initial Uncertainty Propagation in Keplerian MechanicsAdaptive Dynamics, Control, and Extinction in Networked PopulationsNon-Parametric Consistency Test for Multiple-Sensing-Modality Data FusionBernoulli Filter with Linear Equality ConstraintsTrust Revision for Conflicting SourcesBayesian Passive Sonar Tracking with Conventional Beamformer-Level Data
Paper 3Learning Under Uncertainty for Interpreting the Pattern of Volcanic EruptionsEvidential Relational Clustering Using MedoidsAn Expectation Maximisation Algorithm for Behaviour Analysis in VideoRDF Versus Attributed Graphs: The War for the Best Graph RepresentationMock-Measurement Based Performance Evaluation of Inertial NavigationDoppler-Only Tracking Under a Minimum Detectable Velocity ConstraintFUSE-BEE: Fusion of Subjective Opinions Through Behavior EstimationMultistatic Tracking Experiment with a WiFiRAD Passive Radar
Paper 4New Algorithms for Daylight Harvesting in a Private OfficeActive Data Collection for Inadequate ModelsHow Can Subsampling Reduce Complexity in Sequential MCMC Methods and Deal with Big Data in Target Tracking?A Network Science Approach to Open Source Data Fusion and Analytics for Disaster ResponseArtificial Neural Networks for Estimation and Fusion in Long-Haul Sensor NetworksTerminative Joint Sequential Object Detection and Tracking Based on Fused Test StatisticsMultimodal Fusion Approach to Improving Quality of Information in Tactical NetworksConfiguration Selection for Fusion of Range-Only Measurements From Multistatic Radars for Air Collision Warning
Paper 5Fault Detection and Exclusion of Cycle Slips for Carrier-Phase in GNSS PositionningData Fusion for Unsupervised Video Object Detection, Tracking and Geo-PositioningAccuracy and Consistency in Estimation and Fusion Over Long-Haul Sensor NetworksA Comparison of Tracking Algorithms for Supermaneuverable TargetsCrowdsourcing with Multi-Dimensional Trust
1530 - 1710Session 38 - 10 concurrent sessions – 4 Papers per session
ChairPaulo CostaSubrata DasJames FerryRuixin NiuPeter Willett Lance KaplanGarfield MellemaJoachim Biermann
Session NameBig Data fusionSensor and fusion process management including performance evaluationTarget detection and localizationSpecial Session: Trust in Fused InformationMSTWG – Part 3
Paper 1ETUR Working Group meetingSecure and Resilient Distributed Machine Learning Under Adversarial EnvironmentsReal world problems for Networking PanelCensoring in Distributed Radar Tracking Systems with Various Feedback ModelsDivide and Hough Transform Method for Fast Track Initiation in Dense CluttersTrust Metric Integration in Resource Constrained Networks Via Data FusionMultistatic Tracking Working Group meetingNATO STO Task Group IST-132
Paper 2Fusing Social Network Data with Hard DataStatistical Evaluation of Information Source PerformanceA Fault-tolerance Detection Formulation for Distributed Multisensor SystemsSemiring-Based Trust Evaluation for Information Fusion in Social Network Services
Paper 3Temporal and Multi-Source Fusion for Detection of Innovation in Collaboration NetworksNew Trends in Radio Network PositioningData Fusion with ML-PMHT for Very Low SNR Track Detection in an OTHROn the Quality Estimation of Optimal Multiple Criteria Data Association Solutions
Paper 4Distributed Big Data Search for Analyst Queries and Data FusionA Method for Evaluating Joint Tracking and Classification PerformanceFault Tolerant Fusion Approach Based on Information Theory Applied on GNSS LocalizationOptimal Fusion Rules for Label Fusion of Dependent Classification Systems
1740-1800Buses leave
0830 - 0930Plenary Talk 2Independence BallroomColleen Keller
0930 - 1000Coffee Break
1000 - 1200Session 48 - 10 concurrent sessions – 5 papers per session
ChairGerhard KurzM. Dolores RuizJuan Manuel CorchadoBenjamin NoackGalya RogovaMichael BeardMarcus BaumAntonio Zea
Session NameSpecial Session: Directional EstimationData mining and machine learning in data fusionSpecial Session: Intelligent Information FusionSpecial Session: Advances in Distributed Kalman FilteringOntologies, graphs, and semantic reasoning for high level fusionSensor managementSpecial Session: Extended Object and Group TrackingSpecial Session: Data Fusion Methods for Indoor Localization of People and Objects
Paper 1Heart Phase Estimation Using Directional Statistics for Robotic Beating Heart SurgeryFast Imbalanced Classification of Healthcare Data with Missing ValuesFusion of Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Recognition to Model the User's Emotional StateTrack Association Using Augmented State EstimatesDiscover Trending Domains Using Fusion of Supervised Machine Learning with Natural Language ProcessingSensor Selection Fusion Based on the Cross Entropy OptimizationProbabilistic Data Association for Tracking Extended Targets Under Clutter Using Random MatricesParticle Filtering for Positioning Based on Proximity Reports
Paper 2Multimodal Circular Filtering Using Fourier SeriesOnline Sparse Gaussian Process Regression for Trajectory ModelingImproving Scene Classification by Fusion of Training Data and Web ResourcesComparison of Augmented State Track Fusion Methods for Non-full-rate CommunicationUse of Background Knowledge in Natural Language Understanding for Information FusionA State Estimation and Malicious Attack Game in Multi-Sensor Dynamic SystemsA Bayesian Compressed Sensing Kalman Filter for Direction of Arrival EstimationImproving Indoor Localization by User Feedback
Paper 3Statistical Estimation and Clustering of Group-invariant Orientation ParametersTroll Detection by Domain-Adapting Sentiment AnalysisMulti-source Data ClusteringChernoff Fusion of Gaussian Mixtures for Distributed Maneuvering Target TrackingConsensus: a Comprehensive Solution to the Grand Challenges of Information FusionSensor Control for Multi-target Tracking Using Cauchy-Schwarz DivergenceConverted Measurements Random Matrix Approach to Extended Target Tracking Using X-band Marine Radar DataProximity Report Triggering Threshold Optimization for Network-Based Indoor Positioning
Paper 4Non-Identity Measurement Models for Orientation Estimation Based on Directional StatisticsFuzzy Meta-Association Rules for Information FusionOn the Use and Misuse of Bayes FiltersApproximation of Powers of Gaussian MixturesHidden Relationships Discovery Through High-Level Information FusionScheduling Multifunction Radar for Search and TrackingThe Sequence Monte Carlo Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Extended TargetsEnvironment Perception Using Grid Occupancy Estimation with Belief Functions
Paper 5Cyclic Bayesian Bounds for Filtering in Periodic State SpaceVariational Inference for Graphical Models of Multivariate Piecewise-Stationary Time SeriesA Unified Approach for Domain-Specific Tweet Sentiment AnalysisThe Exact Algorithm for Multi-sensor Asynchronous Track-to-Track FusionScalable Uncertainty Treatment Using Triple Stores and the OWL 2 RL ProfileLearned Ultra-Wideband RADAR Sensor Model for Augmented LIDAR-based Traversability Mapping in Vegetated EnvironmentsA Generalised Labelled Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Extended Multi-target TrackingDynamic-Occlusion Likelihood Incorporation in a PHD Filter Based Range-Only Tracking System
1200 - 1300Lunch
1300 - 1500Session 58 - 10 concurrent sessions – 5 Papers per session
ChairUwe HanebeckSatish IyengarJesus GarciaFelix GovaersKathryn LaskeyKyle DeMarsWolfgang Koch
Session NameSpecial Session: Directional EstimationData mining and machine learning in data fusion (CAT)Special Session: Context-based Information FusionDistributed/decentralized fusionSituation representation and estimationSpecial Session: Space Object Detection, Tracking, Identification, and ClassificationSpecial Session: Extended Object and Group TrackingImage fusion and video tracking
Paper 1Performance of Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multipath TDOA Passive RangingGeneric Object Recognition Based on the Fusion of 2D and 3D SIFT DescriptorsA Proposal for Improving Spoken Dialog Systems Using Context Information FusionDistributed Particle Filtering Via Optimal Fusion of Gaussian MixturesUnified Traffic Situation Estimation Model with Application in Longitudinal Vehicle State and Route PredictionRelative Multiple Space Object Tracking Using Intensity FiltersAn Extended Target Tracking Model with Multiple Random Matrices and Unified KinematicsAdaptive Relevance Feedback for Fusion of Text and Visual Features
Paper 2Bayesian Filtering for Orientational Distributions: A Fourier ApproachA Novel Approach for Trajectory Feature Representation and Anomalous Trajectory DetectionContext Driven Tracking Using Particle FiltersCooperative Terrain Based Navigation and Coverage Identification Using ConsensusA Predictive Situation Awareness System Using Multi-Entity Bayesian NetworksGaussian Mixture Multiple-Model Multi-Bernoulli Filters for Nonlinear Models Via Unscented Transform TechniquesMaritime Group Motion Analysis: Representation, Learning, Recognition, and Deviation DetectionTracking of Dolphins in a Basin Using a Constrained Motion Model
Paper 3Track Before Detect DOA Tracking of Extended Targets with Marked Poisson Point ProcessesAnomaly Detection in Maritime Data Based on Geometrical Analysis of TrajectoriesContext-Based Ground Target Tracking - An Integrated ApproachOn Threshold Optimization for Aircraft Conflict DetectionAir Traffic Monitoring Using Datastream Analysis TechniquesJoint Estimation of Target State and Ionosphere State for OTHR Based TrackingPartial Likelihood for Unbiased Extended Object TrackingCombining Passive Visual Cameras and Active IMU Sensors to Track Cooperative People
Paper 4Direction of Arrival Estimation in Sensor Arrays Using Local Series Expansion of the Received SignalEvidential Multinomial Logistic Regression for Multiclass Classifier CalibrationAdaptive Sensor Fusion Architecture Through Ontology Modeling and Automatic ReasoningA Hybrid Prediction Method and Its Application in the Distributed Low-cost INS/GPS Integrated Navigation SystemFramework for Situation Assessment and Threat Evaluation with Application to an Air Defense ScenarioChallenges of Multi-Target Tracking for Space Situational AwarenessExploiting Clutter: Negative Information for Enhanced Extended Object TrackingImproved Multi-Focus Image Fusion
Paper 5Direct Single Sensor TDOA Localization Using Signal Structure InformationShip Movement Anomaly Detection Using Specialized Distance MeasuresData-driven Detection and Context-based Classification of Maritime AnomaliesOn Track-to-Track Data Association for Automotive Sensor FusionVessel Trajectory Partitioning Based on Hierarchical Fusion of Position DataInformation Weighted Consensus-based Cooperative Space Object Tracking to Overcome Malfunctioned Sensors and Noisy LinksGPU-Accelerated Progressive Gaussian Filtering with Applications to Extended Object TrackingLabeled Multi-Bernoulli Track-Before-Detect for Multi-Target Tracking in Video
1530 - 1710Session 68 - 10 concurrent sessions – 4 Papers per session
ChairBa-Ngu VoMichael LexaLauro SnidaroJohan WahlströmNageswara RaoBrandon JonesTodd MartinKellyn Rien
Session NameSpecial Session: Averaging Measures: Wasserstein Barycenters, MMOSPASpecial Session: Change, Anomaly, and Trend (CAT) Detection in Challenging EnvironmentsSpecial Session: Context-based Information FusionApplications of data fusion (Automotive)Situation and threat assessmentSpecial Session: Space Object Detection, Tracking, Identification, and ClassificationUncertainty management and reasoning: Estimation
Paper 1Average Kullback-Leibler Divergence for Random Finite SetsChange Detection with an Unknown Sensor Subset: More Information is Not Always BetterA Framework for Dynamic Context ExploitationProbabilistic GNSS Signal Tracking for Safety Relevant Automotive ApplicationsDistributed Belief Propagation for Situation Assessment in Net-Centric EnvironmentOn Mutual Information for Observation-to-Observation AssociationDevelopment and Analysis of a Probabilistic Reasoning Methodology for Spectrum Situational Awareness and Parameter Estimation in Uncertain EnvironmentsNATO STO Task Group IST-132
Paper 2Association-Free Direct Filtering of Multi-Target Random Finite Sets with Set Distance MeasuresDynamic Data-driven Symbolic Causal Modeling for Battery Performance & Health MonitoringSituation/Threat Context AssessmentData-driven Simulation and Parametrization of Traffic Scenarios for the Development of Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsOn Resilience of Cyber-Physical Infrastructures Using Discrete Product-Form GamesAutomated State and Dynamics Estimation in Dynamically Mismodeled Systems with Information From Optimal Control PoliciesNonlinear Bayesian Filtering Based on Fokker Planck Equation and Tensor Decomposition
Paper 3OSPA Barycenters for Clustering Set-Valued DataDetecting Trend in Randomly Switched MeasurementsArtifact "Metaphors": Gaining Capability Using "Wrong" ToolsTarget Detection Using GPS Signals of OpportunityA Situation Assessment Framework for Cyber Security Information Relevance ReasoningA Randomized Sampling Based Approach to Multi-Object TrackingAdaptive Lower Bounds for Gaussian Measures of Polytopes
Paper 4MMOSPA-based Direction-of-Arrival Tracking with a Passive Sonar Array - An Experimental StudyIdentifying Anomalous Objects in SAS Imagery Using UncertaintyIMU Alignment for Smartphone-based Automotive NavigationA Graph-Based Evidence Theory for Assessing RiskReasoning on Resident Space Object Hierarchies Using Probabilistic ProgrammingLarge-Scale, Discrete IP Geolocation Via Multi-Factor Evidence Fusion Using Factor Graphs
0830 - 0930Plenary Talk 3Independence BallroomEdward T. Cope
0930 - 1000Coffee Break
1000 - 1200Session 48 - 10 concurrent sessions – 5 papers per session
ChairSimon JulierDavid F CrouseYi ChenFred DaumChristopher Kreucher Pedro A. ForeroSteven Schoenecker
Session NameRegistrationEstimation and filtering; Object trackingSignal processing and computer visionSpecial Session: Homotopy Methods for Progressive Bayesian EstimationParticle filters and Monte Carlo methodsApplications of data fusion (Nav)Target Classification; Target detection and localization; Object tracking
Paper 1Navigation with SAR and 3D-Map AidingFilter Initialization and Batch Estimation for Tracking with Angular-Only MeasurementsDOA Estimation Based on the Microphone Array for the Time-varying Number of Sound SignalsRenormalization Group Flow in K-Space for Nonlinear Filters, Bayesian Decisions and TransportA Laplace-based Particle Filter for Track-Before-DetectDetecting Malicious ADS-B Transmitters Using a Low-Bandwidth Sensor NetworkCan This Target Be Tracked?
Paper 2Bernoulli Filtering From a Single PlatformCubature/ Unscented/ Sigma Point Kalman Filtering with Angular Measurement ModelsCamera Geolocation From Mountain ImagesGaussian-Mixture Based Ensemble Kalman FilterNon-Line-of-Sight Mitigation for Reliable Urban GNSS Vehicle Localization Using a Particle FilterPassive Tracking of Underwater Acoustic Sources with Sparse InnovationsJoint Multi-Target Detection and Tracking Using Conditional Joint Decision and Estimation with OSPA-alike Cost
Paper 3Recursive Joint Track-to-Track Association and Sensor Nonlinear Bias Estimation Based on Generalized Bayes RiskA Computationally Efficient Dynamic Programming Based Track-Before-DetectDistributed Classification Under Statistical Dependence with Application to Automatic Modulation ClassificationFeedback Particle Filter: Application and EvaluationComparison of Filtering Algorithms for Ground Target Tracking Using Space-based GMTI RadarAn Efficient Algorithm for Aircraft Conflict Detection and Resolution Using List Viterbi AlgorithmJoint Tracking and Classification Based on Kinematic and Target Extent Measurements
Paper 4Gauge-invariant Registration in NetworksThe Kalman Laplace Filter: A New Deterministic Algorithm for Nonlinear Bayesian FilteringFusion of Trackers on Thermal Image SequencesMulti-Sensor Fusion Using Homotopy Particle FilterSaddle Point Method for JPDA and Related FiltersA Mobile Acoustic Sensor Fusion Network Using Biologically Inspired Sensors and SynchronizationIndividuals Motion Models Based on Probabilistic Distribution Profiles
Paper 5RoughCough - A New Image Registration Method for Radar Based Vehicle Self-LocalizationThe Multiple Model Labeled Multi-Bernoulli FilterMultiple-Model Hypothesis Testing Using Adaptive Representative ModelComparison of Angle-only Filtering Algorithms in 3D Using EKF, UKF, PF, PFF, and Ensemble KFIncorporating Estimated Feature Descriptor Information Into Rao Blackwellized-PHD-SLAMIndoor Localization with a Signal TreeJoint Tracking and Classification Based on Conditional Joint Decision and Estimation
1200 - 1300Lunch
1300 - 1500Session 58 - 10 concurrent sessions – 5 Papers per session
ChairYaakov Bar-ShalomOndrej StrakaKC ChangFrederica DaremaDave HallSean MartinWolfgang Koch
Session NameData association; EstimationEstimation and filteringSpecial Session: Applications of Data Fusion and Predictive Analytics to Finance, Business, and MarketingSpecial Session: Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems for Sensor Data ProblemsSpecial Session: Multi-Level Fusion: bridging the gap between high and low level fusionTarget Classification
Paper 1Spatial Clutter Measurement Density Estimation in Nonhomogeneous Measurement SpacesBearings-Only Tracking with Fusion From Heterogenous Passive Sensors: ESM/EO and AcousticBusiness Data FusionA Learning Drift Homotopy Particle FilterModeling the User's Intention by Means of the Fusion of Several User ModelsFuzzy Extreme Learning Machine and Its ApplicationsNATO STO Task Group IST-132
Paper 2Scalable Multitarget Tracking Using Multiple Sensors: A Belief Propagation ApproachEstimation of State and Measurement Noise CharacteristicsOnline Playtime Prediction for Cognitive Video StreamingMultiway Histogram Intersection for Multi-target TrackingBuilding a "living Database" for Human-Machine Intelligence AnalysisClassification of Incomplete Pattern Based on Fusion of Belief Functions
Paper 3Adaptive Kernel Background Intensity Estimation Based on Local 2D OrientationDesign of Discrete Second Order Filters for Continuous-Discrete ModelsCombinatorial Prediction Markets for Fusing Information From Distributed Experts and ModelsNonlinear Target Tracking for Threat Detection Using RSSI and Optical FusionLevels?Risk-Based Sensor Resource Management for Field of View Constrained Sensors
Paper 4A Survey on Joint Tracking Using EM Based TechniquesAdaptive Upper-Bound Linear Mean Square Error Filter of Markovian Jump Linear Systems with Generalized Unknown DisturbancesA Method to Sparse Eigen Subspace and EigenportfoliosManifold and Transfer Subspace Learning for Cross- Domain Vehicle Recognition in Dynamic SystemsVideo-to-Text Information Fusion Evaluation for Level 5 User RefinementBenefits of Using Explicit Ground-Plane Information for Grid-based Urban Environment Modeling
Paper 5PHD Filter with Approximate Multiobject Density Measurement UpdateMultiple-Model Estimation with Heterogeneous State RepresentationAn Application of Interacting Multiple Model Tracking Method to Financial Modeling and Asset AllocationPseudo-Real-Time Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) Processing for Dynamic Feature DetectionMarkov Logic Networks for Multi-Level Fusion Support to Intelligence Analysis
1530 - 1710Session 68 - 10 concurrent sessions – 4 Papers per session
ChairStefano Coraluppi Benjamin NoackZhi Tian Vasileios MaroulasNaser DamerJames LlinasFlorian Faion
Session NameData association; Object trackingEstimation and filteringSpecial Session: Applications of Data Fusion and Predictive Analytics to Finance, Business, and MarketingSpecial Session: Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems for Sensor Data Problems: BeliefSpecial Session: Information Fusion in Multi-Biometric SystemsSpecial Session: Multi-Level Fusion: bridging the gap between high and low level fusionSpecial Session: Probabilistic RGBD Data Fusion
Paper 1MCMC and MHT Approaches to Multi-INT SurveillanceDetermination, Separation, and Tracking of an Unknown Time Varying Number of Maneuvering Sources by Bayes Joint Decision-EstimationAn Application of Data Fusion Techniques in Quantitative Operational Risk ManagementInformation Fusion with Belief Functions: a Comparison of Proportional Conflict Redistribution PCR5 and PCR6 Rules for Networked SensorsFace Image Resolution Enhancement Based on Weighted Fusion of Wavelet DecompositionApplication of Multi-level Fusion for Pattern of Life AnalysisAnisotropic Point-Based Fusion
Paper 2Distributed MHT with Active and Passive SensorsExtended Kalman Filter Modifications Based on an Optimization View PointMarket Analysis and Trading Strategies with Bayesian NetworksInformation Fusion with Topological Event SpacesFusion of Face and Periocular Information for Improved Authentication on SmartphonesAmbiguity Reduction of Underwater Targets in Framework of Topic ModelingRGBD Data Based Pose Estimation: Why Sensor Fusion?
Paper 3A Maximum Weight Constrained Path Cover Algorithm for Graph-Based Multitarget TrackingTreatment of Biased and Dependent Sensor Data in Graph-based SLAMTwo Novel Methods for BBA Approximation Based on Focal Element Redundancy
Paper 4Detecting Changes of Transportation-Mode by Using Classification DataAn Effective Modeling Framework for Equality-Constrained Dynamic SystemsModified PCR Rules of Combination with Degrees of Intersections